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Idée 53 is a Training programme via Workshops. It became a nonprofit association in 1987.
The organization proposes Training and Services.
It’s situated in Anderlecht, a commune of Brussels region.

ID53 reception

The team works with a target audience from different cultural backgrounds. Its mission is to facilitate the social and professional integration of students.
Trainers accompany them in building a professional project they have chosen.

The association is open to all residents of the Brussels Region who are looking for a job and have no more than a primary studies certificate.

Idea 53 works on projects that promote gender equality. With the help of Cyber 53 computer workshops for women of foreign origin have been made possible.

Idea 53 is a European project supported and recognized by the authorities.

An association in progress

Idea 53 has been recognized as a local initiative of Employment Development. This social economical initiative concerns primarily the Horeca sector (Hotel-restaurant-café).


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